Teste de Nivelamento

Curso de Inglês

Realize o teste respondendo todas as perguntas

1) Choose the correct response:
Hi everyone, I’m Mr. Johan. Anthony Johan.
2) A: Who ______ these people?
B: Anna and Tom. They are ______ new neighbors.
3) ________ are you from?
4) A: Is John _____ doctor?
B: No, he isn’t. He is ____ architect.
5) What day comes next?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ____________.
6) _________ does she leave home?
7) A: What time ______ she ______ up?
B: She always ______ up at 6:00 am
8) “I can’t stand washing the dishes” means:
9) A: __________ you __________ to see the menu?
B: Yes, that __________ be nice.
10) My mother has lived in Argentina _________ 1989.
11) Observe the sentences below:
“Guess what? I’ve been promoted.”
The statement:
12) We use “not yet” to:
13) “You should buckle down if you want to pass the test”
In the sentence given, the modal verb “should”:
14) If I ___________ a socialite, I would be ___________ to all the coolest parties in town.
15) Ted _____________ watches soccer games. He watches them every day